As you found this page and are scrolling through our site and about to buy some fabulous hangers you might be wondering who the heck are we?

Well we are just a couple of guys that are crazy about hangers you could say.

We are located in the United States and not some far of land over the sea and beyond the hills.  So that means you will get customer service if you by chance need some but I don’t think you really will because what can really go wrong with a hanger unless it gets lost shipping.  So that also means if you message us at 3:00am we will not get back to you right away and we probably will not get to you on the weekend because we do like to have some fun every now and then.

We actually say a need in hangers as in their are not many good quality fancy hangers that look good and that actually work good.  We have seen a lot of cool fancy hangers but when we would put our coat on them and a breeze would come they would just fall right off.  Their is nothing more annoying than having to constantly rehang coats and clothes that fall on the ground due to crappy hangers.

We went out in search of the perfect hanger and we found it and that is what we are selling and you should be able to tell that they are copper hangers.  the grove in them makes it so the clothes do not slide off.  It is so simple yet so ingenious.

You can just call us the copper hanger people.  I know its weird but hey everybody has them in their house and business and I don’t see them going anywhere soon.  What is actually going to replace a  hanger?  Nothing!  So why not get some that last and that look good, that was our thought and I guess you could say that has kind of turned into our slogan.

We go traveling the world to find the very best hangers for you coats and clothes.  Actually we don’t really travel the world looking at hangers but we do travel and notice cool things and hangers just happened to be one of them.  Actually Denmark happened to be one of the countries to jump on the copper hanger industry with Hay Hangers and we are just following suite and providing a very quality have at a great price.  What can be better than that.

Now when ever you see a hanger anywhere I want you to be thinking about us the copper hanger freaks and be thinking how much better that hanger would look if it was copper.